Fighting iron deficiency
The brief As part of their sustainability goals, our client wanted to play a part in solving one of the biggest health issues in Indonesia: iron deficiency. It affects a staggeringly high proportion of women in Indonesia and is a major cause of birth defects and developmental delays. Iron is found in green vegetables, so the lack of iron in rural areas came as a surprise given the abundance and affordability of vegetables in agricultural communities. Therefore we had to look broader to understand why people weren’t getting enough iron despite this abundance. Our Approach After several weeks of observation and immersion, as well as conversations with rural stakeholders like midwives and community health leaders (PKK), our team identified several critical problem areas that underpinned the lack of iron, from poor cooking methods to detrimental lifestyles and beliefs. We then uncovered different ways through which more green vegetables can be incorporated into the rural diet and become even more desirable. Outcome These solutions have been piloted in Central Java, Indonesia, and are now in development for a national rollout.